Almighty Father,

You are worthy; worthy to receive honor, glory, adoration, and praise! You are mighty; You spoke into existence everything that is in Creation. You spoke, and it was done. Such power is beyond my comprehension. Your Word is an irresistible call to the elements. There is no debate, no negotiation, and no resistance. You spoke and it was done. You commanded and it occurred.

You are awesome in Your mighty strength. I praise You as the one, true, and Living God, my Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, and my Blessed Holy Spirit. What am I that You would love me, care for me, protect me, provide for me, and sustain me? I am a speck in this universe, and yet, You know me, my every thought, my every feeling, and every cell in my body. You know me better than I know myself.

You are the Sovereign of this universe. No power can stand before You. Kings, rulers, presidents, prime ministers, and princes only have the power that You permit them to possess. May they all acknowledge Your power and authority.

I praise You through Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen!