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I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to the Civitan’s Pancake Breakfast that is held each year during the Rooster Days Festival here in Broken Arrow. I’ll have to share a future post about Rooster Days, which is celebrating its 78th year of observance! Anyway, I was listening to Weekend Edition on National Public Radio (yes, I’m an NPR listener; say what you will!), and there was an interview with Steve Forbert, a singer/songwriter with whom I was completely unfamiliar. Forbert, age 53 and a native of Meridian, Mississippi, was once called “the new Bob Dylan.” I imagine that the “Next-Bob-Dylan” Tribe is pretty numerous by now! Forbert’s biggest hit was Romeo’s Tune which reached #11 on the Billboard charts back in 1980. I YouTube-d the song this afternoon and easily recognized and remembered it, but I had never known the title of the song or who had recorded it.

Forbert is still making music and recently released a new album. In his NPR interview with Steve Simon, he played one of his new tracks entitled Stolen Identity. I found it to be a very clever song, one that puts a light-hearted twist on the rampant and highly-damaging problem of identity theft. Hope you enjoy the lyrics.


I worked all week each month this fall
and also had myself a ball;
I punched a clock each day like most
and also shopped the whole east coast!

There aint no tellin’ where I’ll be,
Because of late there’s two of me
And one has tons of fun for free
With my stolen identity!

I bought two suits in Baltimore
And jewelry on the Jersey shore;
I popped up next in Portland, Maine
For lobster tails and French champagne.


What have I done? where have I been?
The information’s rollin’ in;
A paper trail comes in the mail,
I’d like to put myself in jail!

An ev’ning out on Harvard Square,
I really lived it up up there!
I did it all, I got around
And not once left my old home town!


I’ve got to stop myself somehow,
I have become a problem now;
I really should be done with it,
But I just don’t know when to quit!

I hope to meet myself someday,
That is the man whose bills I pay;
We’ll both get wined and caviared
If he’ll pull out a credit card.

An angry husband’s at my door,
I have not met his wife before;
He’s not convinced and wants t’ fight,
I guess I had some fun last night!


© S. Forbert 2008, Heathercom Music, ASCAP

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