It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

I know, I know…  Every year it seems like the Super-Mega-Stuff-Marts, the home improvement centers, and the specialty shops keep trotting out their Christmas wares and decor earlier and earlier.  It makes you wonder if the post-Christmas and pre-Christmas sales will ever overlap on the calendar.  There is a strong case to be made for not having to see an image of Santa Claus in public if you are still having to mow your lawn and are able to watch professional baseball on television.

I completely understand and share those sentiments.  However…

I have an autistic son who loves Christmas and everything about it.  Though Coleman doesn’t speak, he signs Frosty (pats his hand on top of his head – for Frosty’s hat), Rudolph (taps his finger on the end of his nose), and Christmas tree (right hand up, fingers spread, wrist turning quickly back and forth) pretty much all year round.  He watches A Charlie Brown Christmas repeatedly on VHS, his portable DVD player, and YouTube, sometimes simultaneously.  It was fascinating to watch him when he was younger, standing in front of the brightly lit Christmas tree and alternately raising and lowering his glasses, just for the variation in visual effect: fuzzy…clear…fuzzy…clear.   

On a trip to Lowe’s with Kim over a month ago, he had a field day in their already expansive Christmas decoration section.  Although he wanted to put anything and everything into the cart, they compromised on a small tree for his bedroom and a string of big, multi-colored lights that we draped over his curtain rod.  However, that only seemed to whet his appetite, and he kept making forays into the walk-in attic storage space where we keep all of our Christmas stuff.

So…. the Christmas tree is now up at the Pyles house; it has been since Saturday, November 5.  It is fully decorated, complete with Kim’s authentic Larry Bird Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.  The nutcrackers are out in force.  The stockings are hung.  The blue and white Dallas Mavericks Santa Hat is draped on the antique chair.

And up it will stay, through Thanksgiving, through Christmas, past New Year’s, perhaps until Valentine’s Day (been there, done that), but more than likely everything will be boxed back up by St. Patrick’s Day.  Easter is just out of the question.  Even we have our limits.

Don’t judge.  At least it’s not in your house.  What matters is that it makes a very special young man extremely happy (and literally skippy) in our house!