If you haven’t seen the following video, take 1:29 to watch it, and then just let it soak in for a few moments.



As I admitted in my last post, it is not unusual for me to be running a few months behind the cultural curve, and I apparently missed this when it went viral back in February.  It was produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in England.  The stated purpose of the organization on its website is “to make the roads of our country – and beyond – safer for all road users.”  If this commercial is representative of their efforts, I suspect they are having quite an impact on peoples’ minds, attitudes, and actions. 

It is simple, beautiful, powerful, pointed, frightening, convicting, and inspiring.  All that in a minute and a half!

It works on so many different levels.  Obviously, it makes its point extremely well about the importance of wearing seat belts.  But, it also evokes strong emotions about a family’s love and protective instincts for one another; the same kind of love and commitment that should exist in our spiritual family in the body of Christ.

If you are among the millions who will be hitting the road next Friday for the long Labor Day weekend, please don’t forget to buckle up. 

Embrace Life!