Truffles Co-Owners Carla (l) and Amy (r)

In late November, I shared a post about the extra mile service that was provided by a Good Samaritan named Amy in Cullman, Alabama.  Since neither my family nor my sister’s was going to be with my parents on Thanksgiving, I was trying to find a restaurant that would deliver Thanksgiving dinner to them.  The Chamber of Commerce put me in contact with a local catering business named Truffles.  I called and learned that, just like every other business in town, Truffles was going to be closed on Thursday.  However, co-owner Amy graciously (and totally unexpectedly) offered to deliver a couple of meals to my folks from the food she would be preparing at home for her family.  True to her offer and her word, Amy showed up at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving afternoon with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and pumpkin pie.   I was completely blown away by Amy’s compassion and kindness and her willingness to provide second mile service to total strangers on Thanksgiving.

The week after Christmas, our family traveled to Cullman to spend a few days with Mom and Dad.  Kim and I took the opportunity one afternoon to stop by Truffles in order to meet and personally thank Amy.  She and co-owner and friend Carla were there, and we enjoyed a really nice visit with them.  We learned that they shared Mississippi roots with Kim. 

Before we left, Amy told us that she had a cousin, Susan, also from Mississippi, who owned and operated a home decor and gift shop in Tulsa.  What are the chances?!?  Understand that Cullman is 600 miles from Tulsa.  Amy gave us Susan’s business card.  The name of her shop is Tea and Magnolias.  Kim knew exactly where the shop was.  It is a mile and a half from our house!  We plan on making a visit there, too.  I’ll let you know if any other amazing connections are found that keep the Second Mile story going!