It has been almost a week since news first broke that golf superstar and endorsement titan Tiger Woods had been involved in a single vehicle traffic accident outside his home.  The initial, sketchy details of the incident bore a sense of oddity about them that was almost like a giant neon “Welcome” sign for questions and speculation.  It didn’t take long for that invitation to be eagerly accepted by the media with its insatiable hunger for scandal.  The first round of revelations resulted in Woods expressing his embarrassment over the situation and requesting privacy for himself and his family.  Subsequent allegations of extramarital affairs have elicited a more specific statement from Woods admitting personal transgressions, a failure to be true to his values, and a failure to be the husband and father that his family deserves.

I’ll leave it to the tv and radio talk show hosts, sports writers, and the rest of the blogosphere to comment on the sordid details of the allegations and to follow this story from every conceivable angle over the coming days and weeks.  The worst may not yet be known.  However, the best and most effective use of my time and effort is to pray for Tiger, his wife Elin, their two young children, and even for the women who claim to have had relationships with Woods.  God has demonstrated from the Beginning that He can and will work wonders with those who have fallen, those who are in crisis, and those who will call on His name.  Jesus died for precisely the kind of people that all of us have been at one point or another.  Our sins certainly differ, but not our sinfulness.  I have read that Tiger Woods is a Buddhist, following the faith of his mother.  While the tenets of Buddhism may have helped him deal with his admitted stubbornness and impatience in the past, I pray that his faith may ultimately turn to the One whose blood is the only true means of cleansing from sin and freedom from guilt. 

Tiger and Elin, I pray that genuine resolve and sincere recommitment will lead to healing and the restoration of wholeness and happiness in your marriage.  I pray that your two precious children will be immeasurably blessed by having a mother and father who work through the pain of failure and remain together to nurture and guide them.  I pray that, in decades to come, you can share the joy of having your grandchildren with you in your home.

Stories can end this way.  Stories do end this way.  They just don’t sell as many magazines or generate as many website hits.  May the Woods’ lives return to the bliss that Tiger has described in the past as “boring.”