Flags and Fireworks

Several weeks ago, Coleman and I attended a Tulsa Drillers game with a couple of friends and their sons, compliments of another Christian brother who had some tickets that he couldn’t use.  The Drillers are the Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies and compete in the Texas League.  Although it was hot and humid, without the slightest hint of a breeze, it was still a great night to be outdoors enjoying a baseball game.  It happened to be “Fireworks Night” at Drillers Stadium, and after the game there was perfect synchronicity between the shutting off of the field lights and the explosion of the first barrage of pyrotechnics.  Coleman literally came up out of his seat and jumped into mine.  (By the way, he is about five feet tall now and weighs about 140 pounds!)  However, the initial shock quickly wore off and he settled back down into his own seat.  He seemed to really enjoy the rest of the show!  I would augment the noise by shouting “Boom!  Boom!  Boom!” after the shells exploded.  He smiled and laughed.

Since that night, Coleman has prompted Kim and me to say, “Fireworks!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!” by making a fist with his right hand and shaking it beside his head.  This is almost identical to his sign for “bell” and “I have to go to the bathroom right now!” so we have to use context to determine his precise meaning.   He has also started looking up fireworks videos on YouTube.  Another post will document his web surfing abilities!

Last Saturday morning, the three of us went to Lowes to buy some azaleas and dwarf crepe myrtles to plant in the back yard.  Needing a couple of additional items, we walked into the indoor section of the garden department.  Out of all the items stocked on the shelves, Coleman spotted the small decorative American flags.  He used to love it when I would line both sides of our sidewalk and the front edge of the lawn with these flags on Memorial Day and Independence Day.  He enjoyed watching them flap in the strong Texas wind.  Coleman pointed to the flags at Lowes, so I got one down from the shelf for him.  As soon as the flag was in his left hand, he began signing “fireworks” with his right hand.  We couldn’t believe it!  I had no idea that his mind had ever associated fireworks with the American flag.  The boy has been paying attention!!!  Once again, we were humbled and amazed by how uniquely God has gifted Coleman and how we so often sell him short in regard to what he understands.  Thankfully, he is very patient and keeps gently teaching us what he wants us to know.