This is my inaugural post in a whole new medium for me. I have visited the blogs of others for quite some time now, not with religious regularity, but with a significant level of interest and a fair amount of frequency. Several times in the past I have thought, “I would really like a forum of my own to periodically share thoughts, feelings, and insights.” I guess two things have stopped me. First, I didn’t think I had the time. I am still not sure that I do, but I have resolved to “make time” for a while and see how it goes. Second, I wasn’t sure that others would even be interested in whatever happened to be bouncing around in my brain or dwelling in my heart. I am still not sure about that one either, but neither am I sure that it even matters. I think that my need and my desire to share exists independently of whatever level of interest may or may not dwell among others.

My goal is to post at least every week, with the option of posting more frequently if the inspiration strikes me. I don’t want the site to become static. Neither do I want to feel enslaved by it or somehow obligated to provide daily or on-the-hour updates about the minutiae of my life. All of us have more important things to do than that!

I may share adapted or edited articles that I write for the weekly bulletin at the Broken Arrow Church of Christ, or perhaps things that I have written in the past. I may post thoughts about current events. I may post prayers that I have prayed, or answers that God has provided. I may just share quotations, stories, or lyrics that I have found to be meaningful. I will likely share periodic insights into the journey and transition that I have been going through over the last nine months: things I have learned, changes I have made, blessings I have received, and milestones I have not yet reached.

Thanks for journeying with me as I think out loud.